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Re: [xsl] Normalizing space / XPTY0004

2013-07-30 12:08:41
At 2013-07-30 12:53 -0400, Syd Bauman wrote:
Is there some reason not to use

  <xsl:template match="Paragraph[@stylename = 'Body']">
    <xsl:apply-templates select="./TextRun/Text/@value"/>


Not that I can see ... though the "./" is redundant.

What led you to believe this was verboten?

All you are doing is pushing an attribute node at your stylesheet for matching. Note that the built-in template rule for matching an attribute simply adds the content of the attribute to the result tree, so if you don't catch the node with a template match, you may get text in your output you don't want.

I hope this helps.

. . . . . . . . . Ken

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