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RE: [xsl] initial-page-number

2013-07-29 16:34:48
Hey Ken,

Thanks for the reply. I think what I need to do is abandon 
intial-page-number="1" so that I get normal 1-213 numbering. That fixes the 
acrobat issue.

Then, maybe I need to start my own per chapter page counter for the footer 
(that resets for each chapter).

I agree with you on the printing of 89 of 213. You'd think that would be the 
underlying page but we were getting some crazy results.
Printing page 1 would give us 1-1 and not the front cover.
Printing page 3-1 which Acrobat sees as 1 (27 of 213) would give us the 27th 
page of chapter 7 for example because it was the first chapter with 27 pages.
Because of this behavior, there were certain pages I couldn't even print unless 
I selected "Current Page". I can upload an example if anyone wants to see the 

Our group is converting documents from Framemaker to DITA and we had the 
desired functionality in Frame. Hoping I can figure out a way to do it in FO. 
(Is there a way to generate FO from Frame? Maybe comparing the two would be 

I'll keep researching and if I make a significant discovery, I'll report back.


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Sorry not to be helpful for your first post, but I think this is an Acrobat 
issue and not and XSL-FO issue.

There are no other workarounds or alternatives for the page numbering effect 
you need in XSL-FO, so you are stuck with that to get the renumbering to work.

Perhaps you can ask this question in an Acrobat forum, and I'm sure it would 
help this list (myself included) if you posted your discoveries here.  Perhaps 
there are syntax alternatives to interpreting page numbers specified in the 
print dialogue ... I don't know and haven't tried.

I'm surprised when you say printing page 89 doesn't give you "89 of 213" ... 
isn't the "89 of 213" the underlying page number in the PDF file?  If so, how 
is it that another chapter has 89 pages before this 89th page?

Welcome to the list!

. . . . . . . . . . . Ken

At 2013-07-29 22:21 +0200, KAATMAN Matthew wrote:
Hello Everyone,

I have a situation where I'm using Chapter-Page numbering at the bottom 
of each page. Each Chapter resets numbering to one using 

This works great, but the side effect is odd behavior in Acrobat, etc. 
For example, I end up with page: 1 (89 of 213). Then when you try to 
print page 1, you get page 1-1. If you try to print page 89, you'll get 
the page from the first chapter that has 89 pages.

Looking for some guidance before I re-invent the wheel. These are my 
two goals.

1. I'd like acrobat to use the raw page numbers: 1-213.
2. I'd like to keep using Chapter-Page in my footer, where each chapter 
resets to page 1.

As a side note, I'm working within the context of DITA based documentation.

First post here, go easy on me!



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