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[xsl] initial-page-number

2013-07-29 15:22:12
Hello Everyone,

I have a situation where I'm using Chapter-Page numbering at the bottom of each 
page. Each Chapter resets numbering to one using initial-page-number="1".

This works great, but the side effect is odd behavior in Acrobat, etc. For 
example, I end up with page: 1 (89 of 213). Then when you try to print page 1, 
you get page 1-1. If you try to print page 89, you'll get the page from the 
first chapter that has 89 pages.

Looking for some guidance before I re-invent the wheel. These are my two goals.

1. I'd like acrobat to use the raw page numbers: 1-213. 
2. I'd like to keep using Chapter-Page in my footer, where each chapter resets 
to page 1.

As a side note, I'm working within the context of DITA based documentation.

First post here, go easy on me!


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