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Re: [xsl] Reflecting on: csv data to xml

2013-07-02 03:20:57
On 01/07/13 09:36, Adam Retter wrote:
we have built as open source a CSV Validation tool.

The CSV Validation tool consists of a specification for a simple text
grammar that describes the format of a CSV file and rules that are
asserted against the CSV file. It also includes an implementation for
the JVM (in Scala, we also provide a Java API) which takes such a
grammar and CSV file and  performs the validation, reporting all
non-validating issues or pass. The tool is available here It should be considered beta, i.e. we
are using it internally but until now it has not been publicised. In
addition documentation is missing but the EBNF file in the source repo
describes the grammar, and running the tool without arguments gives
you the simple command line useage. I hope documentation will follow
shortly, in the mean time issues etc should be aimed at the Github

Thanks Adam, looks very useful. quick question please,
what of disparate line lengths? Are they considered 'valid'?

The other nasty is embedded quotes, if using quotes or comma if using them?


Dave Pawson

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